We think differently: this leads us to surprising insights and solutions.

Who are we?

We are consultants who specialise in greenhouse horticulture with customers in over 24 countries.
Our mission is to help companies, entrepreneurs and employees excel; that is what makes our heart beat faster. We are not like your everyday consultancy. Each of our consultants has their own specific area of expertise and qualities. There is however a common factor; our shared DNA:


Different way of thinking




Advising in the areas of finance, strategy,
HR and spatial planning.


Presentation, positioning and successful marketing of
products, services and ideas.

Building project

Providing supervision and support
in the execution of building projects.

IT Consultancy

Developing new IT solutions and improving existing ones.

Our way of working

1 Customised solutions
Each organisation and each issue requires its own specific solution. In our opinion, first class advice is, by definition, customisation. In other words, we do not believe in standard solutions. Obviously this does not mean that we have to reinvent the wheel time after time. After all, one reason you commission our consultants is because of the experience and knowledge they have built up over many years.

2 Teamplayers
At the Elsman Group we form a single team. We collaborate with people in other departments and business units. This way we all share the same objective: helping companies, entrepreneurs and employees excel. We are results-oriented team players and we always aim to provide the best solution.

3 Ideas people, not yes-people
We bring new ideas to the table rather than just tell you what you want to hear. We say what we think and offer criticism where needed. Sometimes we can be confrontational and a little stubborn.